Climatify: Making Smart Buildings Smarter with Cutting-edge Automation Solutions

Jayant Mukherjee, Mentor & Strategist

Smart building solutions offer convenience and comfort in addition to remote and instant access to improved energy efficiency management and automation. This market segment is projected to grow up to a 30,000 Crore rupees worth by 2020 as per numerous market studies. However, despite the numbers doing an uphill climb, it lacks wide-scale adoption as it is viewed as luxurious and unaffordable. Secondly,the consumers/clients feel that since it is wireless and the devices can be controlled from anywhere, there is a higher risk of a security breach. Lastly, customers are always hesitant on the provisions made for them in the Warranty and Support section. Reshaping this technology landscape and breaking these stereotypes with their end-to-end and leading-edge automation
solutions for smart buildings is Climatify.

The solutions have been designed and developed with an open IoT(Internet of Things) Protocol where the Climatify IoT Hub can seamlessly integrate with all the devices which follow different protocols. “Our hub allows expansion and integration of an existing smart home into a full-fledged smart home with different electronic devices integrated and controlled via app and voice-control devices. Customers can select the devices as per their budget and features,”says Jayant Mukherjee, Mentor and Strategist for Climatify. Once the customer is on-board, the team along with the client maps out the requirements and specifications and encourages them to implement a Step-by-Step Maturity Model where
customers attain a first-hand experience with a basic package and then scale up.

Perfectly understanding the apprehensions that the clients may have regarding the security of their data and homes, Climatify has adopted encrypted technology which is at par with technology used in any financial institution.Statistics suggest that solution providers lose customers as they are unable to provide prompt customer support and a robust warranty and support model. Keeping this in mind, Jayant elucidates, “Our Warranty and Support Model is unique in the market. First year is completely free including replacement of devices. From the second year onwards, customers can select our Annual or Lifetime maintenance model which is the most affordable model in the market.”

"Climatify IoT Hub allows expansion and integration of an existing smart home into a full-fledged smart home with different electronic devices integrated and controlled via app and voice-control devices"

All these services are available in the easy-to-use Climatify mobile app version along with the cloud dashboard that offers the energy management portfolio, which helps the home owners/facility management committee understand and analyze the energy utilization; allowing them to take necessary corrective and preventive steps.

Moreover, the company delivers its innovative products for big real estate developers if they prefer to white label the product with their own brand. The company is the proud owner of three experience centers in India, one in Toronto, Canada and one in Penang, Malaysia. The R&D team is striving to keep up with trending technologies and aims at reaching out to every kind of customer ranging from HNI to Affordable Housing Customers. Jayant signs off on a positive note saying, “We are coming up with DIY boxes which will be available to retail stores and with our strong distributors’ channel we will be able to penetrate pan-India as well as Canada and Western Europe.”