Genesis Controls: Making Premises Smarter with End-to-End Smart Building Solutions

Several researches conducted depict that the global smart building market is forecasted to touch approximately 61,900 million Dollars by 2024. The Indian market displays significant growth potential as well as legacy buildings in a developing economy will not survive. IoT smart building systems offer various benefits such as comfort, security and operations maintenance leading to cost savings. Customers are on the lookout for solution providers that can increase their knowledge and make them aware about various advancing technologies available and how these technologies can help the enterprise in different aspects like energy savings, improving comfort and safety while simultaneously offer support in operations maintenance owing to the lack of skilled in-house manpower.

Genesis Controls, headquartered in Punjab, with its strong alliances with a number of smart technology manufacturers provide the client with all the right solutions that make the enterprise or home smart by acting as a one-stop-solution provider for all the customer needs. “With strong exist in customer tie-ups, new enquiries coming from customers and our own technical team in place, Genesis Controls is positioned to handle any level of project in terms of complexity and skill,” opines Sumit Grover, Founder of Genesis Controls with 19 years of experience of automating buildings, machine, plants and processes.

Industrial automation services, building automation services, design engineering services and training services are the company’s core offerings.
The company has a designated Building Automation Projects Department where the team of automation engineers are engaged in delivering automation systems like CCTV, Fire alarm, EPBAX, BMS, lighting controls, smart metering and so on. “We have three lighting control services with centralized monitoring and control system, where one is street light control based on the movement on the road, second is indoor lighting control within premises based on occupancy as well as daylight sensing and third is outdoor lighting based on daylight sensing,” reveals Sumit.

"With strong existing customer tie-ups, new enquiries coming from customers and our own technical team in place, Genesis Controls is positioned to handle any level of project in terms of complexity and skill"

In addition to this, the company also provides wireless Smart Home/Building Systems where the customer can control everything in his home/building from mobile, tab or PC, with a holistic view. Understanding that the availability of design engineering services can be quite the challenge, the team not only offers drafting & detail design engineering services but also extends training services to BE/B-Tech/Diploma students/passed outs in Design Engineering of plants.

Founded in 2015, the systems integrator company focuses on four industry verticals; hotels and resort communities, university and college campuses, commercial and retail business and residential homes and communities. Currently, the team is working with a hospital to provide better comfort levels to the patient. Simultaneously, a renowned institute is another recent customer that has come on-board, with the team working on making a smart grid to monitor how much energy is being consumed, set the target for each department, take corrective action and reduce the energy build. Revealing the company’s future expansion plans, Sumit signs off saying, “We are entering into government sector and tying up with some public sector undertakings as well.”